Exploring the strategies used by Master Adaptive Learners in the planning of learning

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Lubna Humayun
Shizra Kaleemi
Sehr Syed
Umme Habiba


Introduction: Due to changing health care system a learner has to re-establish prior knowledge to address current issues. A Master Adaptive Learner (MAL) utilizes a metacognitive approach to enhance the self-regulated learning which leads to an adaptive expertise development.
Objective: To explore the strategies used by the Master Adaptive Learners in the planning of learning.
Methods: A qualitative phenomenological study was carried out in 2021 May till to November in University College of Medicine and Dentistry. A total of five interviews were conducted, the number was restricted due to data saturation. Purposeful sampling technique was used to select doctors on head of department's recommendations as learners demonstrating exceptional performance during ward rounds and daily duties. Questionnaire was validated and piloted to ensure clarity.Interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim. Confidentiality and anonymity was ensured.
Results: Following themes were developed (1) Gap Identification: (a) Gaps in clinical practice (b) Gaps in teaching (2) Prioritization of Gaps: a) Prioritizing the patient (b) Prioritizing gaps in teaching (3) Identification of Resources. (4) Self-Regulation: (a) Scheduling (b) Self-awareness (5) Motivation: (a) Intrinsic (b) Extrinsic
Conclusion: With the aim of providing a good healthcare system, the clinicians need a continuous learning- plan to effectively demonstrate adaptive expertise in routine practices. The current study concludes that the master Adaptive Learners use these five basic strategies that affect their planning and helps design learning opportunities to capitalize on these strategies through their role as coaches in the learning environment.
Keywords: Learning, Master Adaptive Learner, Techniques

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Humayun, L., Kaleemi, S., Syed, S., & Habiba, U. (2023). Exploring the strategies used by Master Adaptive Learners in the planning of learning. Health Professions Educator Journal, 6(1). https://doi.org/10.53708/hpej.v6i1.2315