• THE SKY-International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (IJPESS)

    THE SKY-International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Sciences is an Open Access, International, research Journal in field of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. Journal is annually published by the department of Sports Sciences and Physical Education, under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, at The University of Lahore, Pakistan. The Journal is recognized by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad in category “Y”. All research articles are double blind peer reviewed before publication. To maintain review process fair and of high quality identities of authors and reviewers are kept secret throughout review process. We believe in free access of knowledge to every one; with this spirit journal doesn’t charge any fee for publication. Journal is also indexed by International Scientific Indexing Service (ISI).

    ISSN: 2523-9368

    THE SKY-International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Sciences © 2017 by University of Lahore is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International. To view a copy of this license, visit

  • Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Technology

    Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Technology (PakJET) is a peer-reviewed, scientific and technical journal owned and published by Faculty of Engineering and Technology, The University of Lahore, Lahore, PakistanPakJET publishes high quality original scientific articles dealing with the use of analytic and quantitative tools for the modeling, analysis, design and engineering management in the Engineering and technology disciplines. The scope of the journal falls in all fields of Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Biomedical, Software and Computer engineeringThe journal does not charge any Article Processing Charges (APCs)/fee for publication and submission of the articles.

  • Health Professions Educator Journal

    Health Professions Educator Journal (HPEJ) is an open-access, peer-reviewed, and bi-annual scientific journal owned and published by The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan. HPEJ publishes high-quality original scientific articles in the health professions' disciplines and pursue an independent editorial policy, which allows an opportunity to the healthcare professionals to express their views without any fear or favour. 

  • International Conference on Business and Management (ICBM)

    International Conference on Business and Management (ICBM) is a yearly event that is hosted by the Lahore Business School under the umbrella of Faculty of Management Sciences. The objective of ICBM is to provide scholarly contributions to the field of business administration. This conference invites research work related to multiple tracks that go through a rigorous peer-review process before they are allowed to be presented in the session during the conference. Each year it collaborates with multiple recognized journals to promote publications of quality papers.

  • Journal of Rehabilitation and Clinical Research (CURIOUS)

    CURIOUS-Journal of rehabilitation and clinical research, is an open access peer reviewed journal publishes research manuscripts online/print on bi-annual basis. The journal is committed to provide high quality clinical research that covers all domains of rehabilitation sciences for the health institution establishment and Evidence based Physiotherapy, it publishes clinical research focusing on the various fields of rehabilitation science (physiotherapy, optometry, audiology, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, rehabilitation technologies, biomedical sciences and allied health sciences). It publishes original research describing clinical trials, systematic review, meta-analysis, clinical surveys, and original work. For maintaining the highest standards of practical knowledge, CURIOUS promotes authentic and innovative research articles and welcomes a multidisciplinary approach for publication. The main objective of this journal is to provide the forum for professional growth and development to overcome any hindrance to learning opportunities for global healthcare practitioners.

  • Journal of Computation Science and Applications (JCSA)

    "The Computer Science and Information Technology department of The University of Lahore is going to launch the Journal of Computation Science and Applications (JCSA). This journal is dedicated to system solutions based on soft computing techniques. The purpose of JCSA is to bring together academic representatives, researchers, students, scientists, and IT industrialists around the world for advances, innovations, and newly emerging trends in Computer Science. 

  • Asian Journal of Interactive Marketing

    Asian Journal of interactive Marketing (AJIM) is an internationally refereed scholarly journal published online on bi-annually basis. AJIM is an open-access and peer reviewed journal. This journal publishes theoretical, empirical and experimental papers that significantly contribute to the disciplines of business and management sciences. Using a wide range of research methods including statistical analysis, analytical work, case studies, field research, book reviews, literature surveys, historical analysis and articles examining significant research questions from a broad range of perspectives in marketing domain are encouraged to be sent to AJIM.

  • UoL Law Journal (ULJ)

    UoL Law Journal (ULJ) is a peer-reviewed journal of Faculty of Law, University of Lahore. The chief objective of the Journal is to provide a medium for scholarly debates amongst law students, faculty, lawyers, judges, practitioners and experts on important legal issues, which may lead to policy reforms. ULJ serves as a nexus between academia and practice, with a focus on promoting scholarship with practical application to societal challenges. While maintaining all the standards of academic legal scholarship and integrity, this Journal seeks to inform public discourse by publishing articles that are intellectually rigorous and thought provoking. It aims at providing its readers with a detailed, advanced and an insightful legal analysis of various ongoing developments in the legal arena in Pakistan and abroad. 

  • Al Tabseer

    The bi-monthly Al.tabseer(English,Arabic) will be launched in a bid to combat the new challenges that have emerged due to dominance of English.So with HEC standards in view every possible effort will be made to minimize the gap between languages and a novel blend of both Arabic and English lwill soften the prevailing ideology of dryness of Islamic literature.Moreover the journal will focus on solution of contemporary issues rather than viewing old orthodox propositions that are of no use.This will help generating a new out of young generation that will be capable of solving both spiritual as well as material and secular problems.The ingredients will make Islam and modern world compatible.

  • Asian Finance Research Journal (AFRJ)

    Asian Finance Research Journal (AFRJ) is an official publication of the Society of Asian Management Research (SAMR), Lahore Business School, The University of Lahore. It is a scholarly journal that publishes research on the practices in accounting, finance, and economics. We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions from researchers and practitioners in accounting, finance, and economics from all over the world. All the submissions must meet the highest standards of research by adhering to the journal's submission guidelines and be of broad interest to the community of accounting, finance, and economics. The contribution of papers to the existing body of knowledge is assessed before deciding on accepting a manuscript for publication.

  • Asian Management Research Journal (AMRJ)

    Asian Management Research Journal (AMRJ) is a scholarly and refereed journal that provides authentic research in all areas of management in the Asian context for scholars, academics, professionals, and practitioners. AMRJ seeks to publish basic and applied research that blend management theories and practice in various management disciplines in general and concerning Asian perspectives. It covers empirical and conceptual research on new and innovative topics having a sound theoretical base applicable to non-routine challenges in everyday work practices of today’s organizations. The research activities may span all industrial sectors and management disciplines.


  • Nursing & Midwifery Journal of Pakistan (NMJP)

    Nursing & Midwifery Journal of Pakistan (NMJP) is the first nursing journal in the history of Pakistan under the collaborative efforts of the Pakistan Nursing Council and The University of Lahore. This is a peer-reviewed and scientific journal that publishes quarterly. The journal publishes work related to nursing education, practice and research. The journal welcomes the contribution of work from other health professionals that have a direct impact on nursing. We publish high-quality papers that foster creativity and innovation in the field of nursing which ultimately promotes the utilization of evidence-based practice in the nursing profession.


  • Pakistan Journal of Physical Therapy (PJPT)

    The advancement in technology has been fast during the past two decades. Although it has rendered many positive impacts and made life extremely fast, just one click away; on the other hand, it has converted life into sedentary mode. Hence, comes the need and utility of physical therapy. It is one of the allied health professions that use biomechanics or kinesiology, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy. It helps to rehabilitate and improves mobility and function. The aim is to improve the implementation of research findings into clinical physical therapy and practice.

    ISSN Online: 2663-080X

    ISSN Print: 2663-0796

  • Asian Journal of Allied Health Sciences (AJAHS)

    Aims and Objectives
    We are living in an information era and specialization with a multidisciplinary orientation is playing its part greater than ever. To ensure originality of work and contribution to the knowledge. The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS), The University of Lahore has published "Asian Journal of Allied Health Sciences (AJAHS)"; a Quarterly peer-reviewed open-access Journal. The aim of the Journal is to provide a platform for Allied Health Professionals to publish their research work. All materials, articles and information published in AJAHS will be peer-reviewed.


  • Al-Tabyeen

    Journal Name: Al-Tabyeen / التبیین

    ISSN (Print): 2664-1178

    ISSN (Online): 2664-1186

    Frequency: Bi-Annual (2 issues per year)

    Nature: Print and Online

    Submission: Via OJS System

    Language of Publication: Urdu

    HEC Pakistan Category: “Y” (from 1st July 2021).

    Published by:  Department of Islamic Studies, The University of Lahore, Lahore.

    Place of publication: Lahore, Pakistan

  • Pakistan Journal of Nursing and Midwifery

    We are breathing in the age of Information and Technology where variant disciplines are playing multi-faceted roles than in the past; to fortify novelty of work and instrumental to the knowledge dissemination.
    Lahore School of Nursing (LSN) The University of Lahore, is publishing its esteemed journal with the name of Pakistan Journal of Nursing and Midwifery (PJNM), which is a quarterly peer-reviewed open access journal. The purpose of the journal is to provide a standard platform to share knowledge and innovative ideas for updating and advancing in the nursing profession to keep pace with the modern world.


  • Journal of University College of Medicine and Dentistry

    Journal of University College of Medicine and Dentistry (JUCMD) is a bi-annually published, peer reviewed open access journal. It accepts original and innovative research articles in all areas of Medicine, Dentistry,Public Health, Biological Sciences and Allied Health Sciences. The aim of JUCMD is to publish and provide platform to researchers aligned with International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, PMC and HEC guidelines. It facilitates all health professionals to publish their research work free of cost. The Journal is comprised of 5 sections, namely, the editorial, section for original articles, section for review articles, case report/ case series and short communications.

  • Journal of Research Dynamics (JRD)

    The Journal of Research Dynamics (JRD) is an open-access, blind peer-reviewed Bi-annual journal of the Department of Education, The University of Lahore, Pakistan. It provides online access to all articles related to research, theory, practice, pedagogy, assessment, and program evaluation in the field of education and allied social sciences disciplines. JER provides a platform for researchers, professionals, and academicians to communicate and share knowledge through the mode of high-quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, critiques of the articles and book reviews from all over the World. The journal is being published online and in print, embracing multiple disciplines like educational research, educational assessment, teacher education, educational psychology, educational administration, curriculum and instruction, and innovative pedagogical knowledge in education and its allied areas. The journal intends to attract national and international readers including teachers, students, policymakers, planners, principals, administrators, curriculum designers, researchers, academicians, parents, textbook writers, and other stakeholders.

  • University Journal of Medicine and Dentistry (UJMD)

    The Journal is dedicated for continuing professional advancement in the field of Medicine and Dentistry by publishing Original Articles, Case Reports, Review Articles and Current trends in Medical & Dental Practice.

  • Pakistan Journal of Molecular Medicine (PJMM)

    Pakistan Journal of Molecular Medicine (Pakistan J. Mol. Med.) is a quarterly journal, being published by the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB), and Centre for Research in Molecular Medicine (CRiMM), The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan. This journal accepts the articles and reviews (invited and non-invited) in the disciplines of biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental sciences, forensic science, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, toxicology and other biomedical sciences.

  • Journal of Media,Business and Social Sciences (JMBSS)

    JMBSS is a specified, peer-reviewed and professional journal that is published annually in both print and electronic forms by University of Lahore, Pakistan.

    The quality of facilities and research at the University has garnered international recognition with the university placed among the top 550 Universities of the world by Top Universities Guide (

    The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has also elevated the University of Lahore to its highest “W” category of Universities reserved for those institutions that fulfill all criteria of an international quality University.